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    • Mary R. Kensinger
      January 6, 1914 - August 3, 2011
      Hawkins County Cemeteries edited by Mary Kensinger 2008.
      This is a work in progress. Our aim is to be the combined Master File of all Hawkins County, Tennessee, cemeteries, old and new. We have worked on this for many years and, although the present listing is far from complete and is constantly edited, we feel it is time to go public. We need your help. We hope users of this material will e-mail us if you find typos, misspelled words, or other errors. But even more important, if you have family records that will help complete these entries, by all means e-mail them to us. Most cemetery headstones carry nothing but the name of the person. We would like full given names, full birth and death dates, names of both parents, including mother's maiden name, and maiden name of spouses. If possible, we will add the names of children. Our sources are many - printed cemetery books, funeral home records, newspaper obituaries, family histories, court house records, and so on.
      The initials HS mean Headstone Reading, MR is Marriage Records, names from printed cemetery books will be identified as follows: CB(3)23 (Cemetery Book No. 3, page 23). Other initials should be self explanatory. Parenthesis around a first name indicated that this individual went by a middle name: Example, (John) Pierce Armstrong was known as Pierce Armstrong.

      If you have any questions, corrections or additions please contact at E-mail address: anne@meadowbrookfarmtn.com
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6Albright 463Albright, E J 14 March 1887 - 29 November 1938Josh & Catherine (Evans) Albright (f.. born Ky / m/.born Ha Co)Ritta_____Eidson - Harrison Funeral Home records - Unmarked grave
7Albright 463Albright, Elmer1 September 1907 - 1 October 1930 born Hancock Couny,TNLura Albright unmarked grave in "Family Cemetery" - Harrison Funeral Home records - We are not sure this is the correct cemetery - educated guess.
8Albright 463 - rae testAlbright, James Edward (child) 16 June 1950 - 16 March 1959 born EidsonJay & Myrtle (Arrington) Albright  Unmarked grave Colboch-Price Funeral Home died Kingsport,TN Funeral Home record reads "Family Cemetery" We assume it is above
9Albright 463Albright, Roosevelt27 May 1903 - 1 April 1982 born Hawkins County, TNGeorge & Mary Katherine (Smith) Albright8 July 1930 [Hw] Elsie Mae Ward Elsie m/2 Hugh CodyHis obituary - Colboch-Price Funeral Home died in Tampa,FL
10Albright 463Albright, Shirley Lucille (infant) 8 April 1947 - 24 November 1946Jay & Myrtle (Arrington) Albright Unmarked grave Funeral home record gives "Family Cemetery" which we assume is as above
11Alder 508Trent, Nora (Buttry) Alderd 15 March 2001 age 91Austin & Linda (______) Buttrym/1 Jack Alder m/2 Tilman TrentSneedville, TN - her obituary - 2 daughters: Helen & Kathleen (Do not which husband was their father)
12Alexander 333Dalzell, Francis 'Frank' No dates on stones for either (1785-1823) Nancy Alexander 1785-1873Dates for both of these people added later by someone No Children
13Alexander (Family) 620Alexander, C C    Headstone has no visible markings except "CSA"
14Alexander (Family) 620Alexander, Mary15 July 1812 - 7 February 1851   
16Alexander (Family) 620Alexander, Nancy (Miss) d 9 July 1845 age 37William,Sr & Mary Katherine (Kerr) AlexanderUnmarriedCB(4)1

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